Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SS City Plots – Homes with Extravagant Interiors and Modern Living Environment

SS City Plots is unlike any property complex in the market. This is because it consists primarily of plots ranging from 245 sq.yd to 430 sq.yd. These are very spacious plots available in different layouts hence you can find one suitable in terms of space and price.

Lavish Plot Homes with Hi-Tech Living Facilities And Latest Community Features

SS City Plots is situated in Sector 85, Gurgaon, and Haryana and offers state of the art living facilities. By making an investment here, you will gain a hi-tech and modern property where you can live an enjoyable life. Upscale with the finest residential comforts and latest recreational facilities life here is fun, exciting and invigorating. Here is look at the facilities available in this complex:

Large plots with state-of-the-art living amenities

Plots are fantastic in their living facilities offering high quality comforts like never before
Themed gardens that surround the plots are the perfect means to stay active
Various clubhouse facilities such as swimming pool, gym and sports zone help you keep fit
24 hours power back up  
Three-tier security through which you can enjoy a peaceful residential life

As you can see, nothing but the finest living comforts has been incorporated here.  The natural green surroundings give you a pleasant environment with beautiful trees and themed gardens. There are walking trails and jogging tracks here that you can use every day to keep fit and healthy. The distinct part of this complex is its myriad eco-friendly features and the fact that you are able to live in close proximity with nature, which is very important for good health and well being. A holistic life as is seen here is not available here elsewhere in the real estate market.

SS City Plots is luxury served on a platter. An opulent home, set inside a large living community with the latest infrastructure.  Invest here to enjoy the finer aspects of life like never before in Gurgaon. Buy now while properties are low. In the coming years, their value will rise quickly to give good reruns.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

DLF Camellias – Homes That Come With The Best Residential Facilities

DLF Camellias – Hi-Tech Apartments That Have The Maximum Lifestyle Benefits

DLF Camellias is a unique and also sophisticated property complex which offers features never seen before in the property market. It has spacious and aesthetically built apartments which include the latest residential facilities.  You can enjoy a wonderful lifestyle here as you are provided with posh interiors, latest clubhouse facilities and eco-friendly features. The many advanced living concepts that have been implemented here make your life enjoyable and elevate it to a higher place of existence.

Homes with Advanced Living Comforts and State Of The Art Recreational Facilities

When you look into the property market, what you see are mostly 2BHK or 3BHK apartments. Here at DLF Camellias, you get extravagant 4BHK, 5BHK and 6BHk units, with stunning interior layouts and stylish designing like never before.  You are provided with spacious rooms, stunning flooring, pleasing wall paint, modular kitchen, modern wiring and much more. All these features make your life comfortable and enjoyable. Here is a look at the specific features of this complex:

Large 4BHK, 5BHK and 6BHK villas offering the latest living facilities
Lavish homes where you can live an elite lifestyle
Villas are inside a sprawling complex with open space filed with landscaped gardens
Gardens keep out noise and pollution
Latest recreational facilities that keep you fit and healthy
Round the clock security and latest security features

As you can see, nothing but the most advanced living concepts has been implemented here to give you a home that is lavish and state-of-the-art. You can enjoy a fantastic lifestyle here as you are provided with serene garden surroundings and latest clubhouse facilities. There are so many options to keep you engaged and active. This is a self-sustaining complex and one that incorporates the latest eco-friendly features. Buying a property here will give you a lifestyle that is holistic and in harmony with nature. No other property in Gurgaon offers such huge apartments as this complex. Invest now to enjoy low prices. In the years to come, the prices of these properties will raise manifold to give good returns.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

IREO The Corridors offers you grand and upscale apartments

IREO the Corridors – Apartments with Posh Living Comforts and Facilities

IREO the Corridors offers you grand and upscale apartments where your every need is catered. These apartments are really beautiful in their styling and features. Rooms are large, lovely gardens in the surrounding and all your household needs are catered inside the complex. Situated in Sector 67, Gurgaon, Haryana, you can early reach various places of interest from here.

Lavish Apartments Where You Can Live a Very Comfortable and Modern Lifestyle
These apartments are a classic, featuring fabulous interior ambience that gives a wonderful feeling when you enter inside your home. Nothing but the most modern features has been implemented here to give you a comfortable lifestyle. Here is a look at the kind of facilities that you can enjoy here:
Spacious rooms with the latest living comforts Click Now!! IREO the Corridors Sector 67 Gurgaon
Interior layout is modern and nothing but the latest living facilities have been implemented here
Complex is spread over 37.5 acres much of which is open space filled with landscaped gardens
Gardens give unpolluted environment where you can walk or jog
Latest recreational facilities enable you to keep fit and healthy
24 hours power back and three-tier security
Location offers easy access to various places of interest

Your lifestyle here is similar to what is seen in hotels and resort. You can enjoy a very posh and comfortable life here, enjoying the latest living facilities like nowhere else. Come and invest in a property whose value will only rise in the years to come. Everything that is needed is available inside the complex eliminating the need to travel far for your needs. The new architectural concepts coupled with modern facilities makes life posh and enjoyable. Buy now to enjoy a wonderful residential life with your family.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

AMB Selfie Square - An Ideal Amalgamation Of Creative Design

AMB Selfie Square – Lovely Commercial Units With Posh And Upscale Infrastructure That Will Get Your Business Growing

AMB Selfie Square is a complex with a style and design that has hitherto never to been seen in Gurgaon. This is super-sophisticated commercial project with lavish units, that include all facilities needed to  run business smoothly and bring it the attention that it deserves. Making an investment here will give you a modern unit from which you can run business activities successfully else let out for high rental returns.

Benefits Of Making An Investment In AMB Selfie Square

The unit offered here are very low in price but come with latest features. The interior layout of every unit is modern and inclusive of all specifications needed to run activities in today’s demanding business environment. Situated in Sector 37D, you can easily reach various places of interest from here. Here is a look at the features offered in this complex:

·         Large and spacious retail and office units with state-of-the-art facilities to operate business easily
·         Multiplexes and hang-outs are designed to draw lots of attention from the public
·         High speed lifts take you to higher floors
·         Three-tier security and large car parking space
·         Situated in a place that offers easy access to various places of interest   ‘
·         Food court and restaurants where people can have fun times with their family

By making an investment here, you can enjoy owning a modern and upscale commercial unit, one that will fetch good returns in the near future.  Situated in Dwaraka Expressway, this complex is well connected to KMP Expressway and NH-8.  This feature is sure to bring good attention to your business and help it expand. The area surroundings AMB Selfie Square are large residential complexes, which will make it a center point for  the residents of luxury homes. You cannot find office and retail shops offered at such a low price as in this complex. Make an investment right away to enjoy owning a property whose value will rise quickly in the years  to come.